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Back in 2009 we decided that the changes taking place in the mobile industry were a very exciting and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Apple was changing our world with devices that were re-writing what was possible. We wanted to be part of it! So, two couples decided to take a chance and start a new company.

As we stated on our home page, the name we came up with was very unique - Spyder Byte Studio. There was purpose to our madness and over the years the name has really grown on us. It's perfect for our goal of releasing mobile games.

To be honest, however, we have spent more time working on apps and websites for our clients with very little time to focus on our games. We make a little progress here and there, but we really enjoy the satisfaction we gain from producing something tangible for others. We are very proud of the quality of work we have created for our customers.

We have included photographs of some of those who have worked for or are working for Spyder Byte Studio. Each of them has the following attributes...

  • Honesty and integrity
  • A committment to the very best results
  • Unique talents and abilties that make all the difference in our company
  • Expertise in the areas you care about

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We specialize in native mobile and custom web solutions tailored specifically for our clients’ demands.

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Provide the finest design, engineering, test, and leadership resources to our clients.

Our Free Time

The outdoors, rock climbing, hiking, reading, exercising, photography, movies, and Disneyland. If we are not making your dreams come true then you will find us in one of these places.

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