Spyder Byte Studio was founded in 2009 to provide expertise in mobile and web development.

We partner with companies by providing talented engineering resources to design, develop, test, and deploy custom mobile and web solutions; everything from games to mission critical tools. We specialize in native mobile apps and custom websites tailored specifically for our clients’ demands.

What's up with that name?

OK, we admit the name Spyder Byte Studio is a bit strange. The thought of a spider chomping down on any part of us gives most of us the creeps! So why Spyder Byte Studio? Did one of those nasty creatures take a little nibble? NO.... but one of our sons contracted Lyme Disease from a different type of arachnid. Lyme Disease is transmitted through the bite of a tick, a member of the arachnid family. When we were starting our new company we thought of all sorts of names (just as anyone would do). We wanted an edgy name for a company focused on mobile gaming. This arachnid experience came to mind. Combine that with a nerdy approach to spelling and "voila" the name Spyder Byte Studio was born.

our clients

Here are a few of our clients




We have a long history of work with Pearson. In fact, some of our employees are former Pearson employees. We love the interactive learning games on the iOS platform that we were able to create for them. But games are just a part of what we have been priviledged to work on with the Pearson staff. We also created a world history and geography assessment app and mobile classroom managment tools.



TechMeds is one of the more recent companies we have been able to partner with. We just completed the first phase of a "Provider Portal" which allows doctors and other care providers to monitor their patients' medication profile. Giving docotors a detailed look into a patient's prescription compliance, in real-time, allows them to make informed decisions and dramatically improves the quality of care while reducing cost.



We were honored to work with SolutionStream by providing sub-contract services to one of their clients. Honestly, it was one of the smartest things we ever did.

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